Tuition Remission “Flextime Privilege”

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Tuition Remission “Flextime Privilege”

Human Resources
Human Resources
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Policy statement

Educational courses can be taken during a staff employee's scheduled work hours under the University's "Flextime Privilege" program. All courses taken during a staff employee's scheduled work hours must meet "Flextime Privilege" guidelines.

  • Flextime is an employee privilege, not a right. All employees understand that there are positions on campus that by their very nature cannot accommodate a flexible schedule.

  • Flextime means flexing the work schedule within the standard workweek.

  • Overtime will not be granted if a flextime schedule is in place. Flextime must be arranged to meet the job responsibilities without the use of overtime.

  • Flexible time schedule" means a work schedule, which includes designated hours during which the employee may, with the approval of the supervisor and under the job description approved by the appointing authority, elect an alternative work schedule, in order to take classes at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

  • Courses of study are not restricted to courses that directly benefit the individual's performance of services to the students and fulfillment of the responsibilities of their position.

  • Only one class may be taken under the flextime privilege benefit per semester. Other classes may be taken outside the employee's work schedule.

  • Positions covered by two employees constitute acceptable flex schedule positions, unless severe hardship is documented.

  • An employee's proposed flextime schedule will be approved only if it does not interfere with the work to be done or service to be performed.

  • It is intended that with the implementations of the flextime work schedules, a commitment is made for a period of not more than on semester.

  • Selection of the work schedule for each term shall be made at least one month prior to the start of the term.

  • Emergencies in the work area are given first priority and absences from class can be required due to emergencies in the work area.

In the event that multiple flextime schedule requests would leave an area understaffed, the following options for handling such a situation are available:

  1. Seniority
  2. Waiting List.
  3. Rotating whom receives first choice at flextime.
  4. Flip a coin, draw straws, or pick a number lottery.
  5. First come, first choices.
  • It is the responsibility of the supervisor to arrange work assignments and schedules so that one employee is not left to "carry the load" while another employee is taking courses.

  • Duties and responsibilities can be temporarily reassigned to make the work assignments more equitable.

  • Break times for employees are required to count toward flextime.

  • Employees are allowed to adjust their meal break schedules to take classes with the supervisor’s prior approval.

  • If a class is scheduled over the employee's meal break, it is expected the employee will not use flextime for the course.

  • If employees take classes during their meal breaks; meals may not be taken during other work hours.

  • The flextime privilege can be revoked during the semester if operating principles are not observed.

Questions about this policy and implementation procedures should be referred to the Human Resource Office.


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