Tuition Exchange Import and Export

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Tuition Exchange Import and Export

Human Resources
Human Resources
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Administrative Council
Policy statement

Tuition Exchange Import Policy

Selection Date: Selection of import candidates will be completed by February 15 of each year.

Selection Criteria: Priority consideration will be given to candidates in the top 1/3 of their high school class with an ACT of 23 or SAT of 1000 or higher. Non-Nebraska applicants with equal academic qualifications will be selected over Nebraska applicants.

Limitations on Tuition Exchange Enrollment: No more than two imports will be accepted for each export, recognizing that, for the most recent five-year period, an acceptable balance of approximately one import to one export must be maintained for Nebraska Wesleyan University to remain in good standing without restriction by The Tuition Exchange, Inc.

Tuition Exchange Export Policy

Selection Date: The application deadline (October 1) for export candidates will be strictly enforced.

Selection Criteria: The system for prioritizing requests includes the following considerations:

  1. Full-time employees are given priority over part-time employees.
  2. The faculty or staff member’s years of service to Nebraska Wesleyan University will be taken into account in determining eligibility priority:
    • One eligibility point is given for each year of completed service at NWU.
    • Employees with higher eligibility points are given priority over those with lower points.
    • When employees are using the benefit, their point balances go to zero and they accrue no points while their students are in the program.
    • Eligibility points begin accruing with one point per year following the use or decline of the benefit.
  3. In the event that two employees have the same eligibility points, the employee with greater seniority, according to date of hire, is given priority.
  4. When there is a tie or unresolved issue, the president of the university will resolve the situation.

Employees who have dependents interested in this program should seek additional information about the exchange program from the Director of Scholarship and Financial Aid.

Questions about this policy and implementation procedures should be referred to the Human Resource Office.


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