Alcohol and Drug Policy for Employees

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Alcohol and Drug Policy for Employees

Human Resources
Human Resources
Approved by:
Business and Human Resources Office
Policy statement
  • Employees are prohibited from thillegal use, sale, dispensing, distribution, possessionomanufacture of illegal drugscontrolled substancesnarcoticsoalcoholibeverages on NebraskWesleyan University premises or work sites.
  • In addition, the Universitprohibits off-premises abuse of alcohoand controlled substances, as well as thpossession, useosaloillegal drugs, when thesactivities adversely affecjob performancand job safet,violate federalstate, or local laws or adversely affect thUniversityreputatioin the community.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverageis prohibited during work hours for alNebraskWesleyan University employees unlesiis at a sociafunction where the serving of alcohol beverages habeeformallsanctioneby the University.
  • It iunlawful and strictly prohibited for NebraskWesleyan University employees to manufacture, distribute, dispense, possessor use without medical authorization mind or mooalterinchemicals or controlled substances in the work environment. 
  • As a conditioof employment, all employees musabide bthe terms of thistatement, and musreport to the human resource officany arrest and alsubsequent convictiounder a criminal drug statute for conducin or out of the worplace no later than fivdays after the arresand ansubsequent conviction.
  • Employees will be subjecto disciplinary action, up to anincluding termination, for violations of thipolicy.

Questions about thipolicy animplementation procedures shoulbe referred to the Human Resource Office.


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