Policies and Procedures

Nebraska Wesleyan University policies, developed by faculty and staff, are approved by Ad Council. Policies and procedures described on this page and throughout the website are subject to change by the university.

Official means of university communication to students

Important Note: Enrolled students are expected to check these sources regularly for important information from the university.

Official University communication to students may take any of the following forms:

  • Email to a student’s NWU account
  • Student Mail Boxes (SMB)
  • Call to telephone number provided by the student during Validation
  • Correspondence to a student’s permanent address (Students are responsible for reporting anychange in permanent address to the Registrar’s office).

This policy applies throughout students’ enrollment at Nebraska Wesleyan. During the summer months, the student’s permanent address and/or email will always be used as a means to communicate official university information. Students are responsible for all official university communication that comes to them through any of the above media.

Policy for events involving candidates for elected political office

Events held on the Nebraska Wesleyan University campus that are attended by candidates for public office or are part of the candidate’s general effort to build support for candidacy shall be free of charge and open to the general NWU community. (This requirement does not apply to small organizational meetings or class sessions.) An open invitation is defined as one for which no fewer than one-half the available seats or spaces are available to the general college community based on a distribution of tickets on a first-come, first-served or other unbiased basis. It is expected that these events will be structured in a way that encourages and accommodates a free exchange of ideas among individuals of diverse and divergent points of view. NWU programming will take precedence in scheduling of outside events. Use of NWU facilities is governed by the existing facilities rental agreement provisions.

Policy on consensual relationships

To ensure a learning environment which supports the university’s mission, it is prohibited for a faculty member to engage in romantic and/or sexual relationships with any student unless they are married to each other, even when both parties believe the relationship is consensual. This prohibition applies even if the student is not under the faculty member’s instruction, evaluation, or supervision.

Policy on student rights in the academic context

Students are free to discuss and express all views relevant to the subject matter of a course, subject only to the responsibility of the instructor to maintain meaningful progress in the course. Students have the right to academic evaluation that is neither arbitrary nor capricious. Students have the right to expect faculty members not to disclose information given by students in confidence about their views, beliefs and/or political associations to faculty members in their roles as instructors, advisors, or counselors. Such information may only be disclosed under legal compulsion or with written permission of the student. Questions relating to intellectual or skills capacity are not subject to the confidentiality standard.

Health and welfare of the campus community

Nebraska Wesleyan University intends to provide to all members of the academic community (students, faculty and staff) a healthy and supportive campus environment as well as information that contributes to the community’s health and welfare. The University provides health and wellness support within the context of an educational program, including information on the dangers of HIV and sexually transmitted infections. Students will have access, at University-authorized locations, to an array of educational information and personal products relevant to such matters. The University may also authorize individual students or organizations to provide specific information and personal products in conjunction with class presentations or other educational programs. The availability of any of the foregoing should in no way suggest an endorsement of student sexual activity. Furthermore, the University does not warrant or represent that the use of any specific educational information or product ensures that sexual activity is either appropriate in the circumstances or safe from risk. The University specifically encourages and expects students to accept full, final responsibility for their own choices and actions.

Health, safety and academic success

Nebraska Wesleyan cares deeply about students’ physical and mental health and provides services to support students. Some students may experience such extreme health conditions that their ability to function successfully and/or safely as students is significantly impaired. In the most extreme emergency circumstances the University may take action for the welfare of the individual student and the community, including but not limited to requesting assessment of condition, regular meetings with the dean of students, hospitalization, and in the rarest circumstances medical interim suspension. The University has adopted procedures to address these emergency medical or psychological conditions. The procedures are available upon request from the dean of students or dean of the colleges. Hospitalized students may be required to meet with the dean of students before returning to campus.

Communicable diseases, procedures for responding

The University attempts to follow appropriate laws in reporting cases of communicable diseases and to take appropriate measures to alert the University community to the risk of disease when circumstances warrant such caution. The University intends to respect individual confidentiality and to treat individuals on a case-by-case basis, consistent with the advice of qualified medical and professional personnel. The University has adopted guidelines for institutional response to AIDS. These guidelines are available upon request from the Student Health Services and the Student Life Office.