Parking Policy

Vehicle hang tags are required on all vehicles using NWU parking lot areas. Each student and faculty/staff member will be assigned one hang tag for the academic school year at no charge. Student parking hang tags can be found in each student’s mail box. If the hang tag is lost or stolen, the cost for replacement will be $20 for first replacement and $50 for second replacement. Tag owners are responsible for any violations committed with their tag.

All parking areas have signage specifying whether they are restricted, reserved, student, faculty, staff or general parking. Areas will be monitored Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The areas are marked by color coding on parking lot entrance signs.

Student Only Areas: (Green hang tag required)

  • Lot 9 (East of Centennial also east and south of Pioneer Hall)
  • Lot 3 (South side of Huntington Avenue between 52nd and 53rd)
  • There is street parking on the north side of Huntington however vehicle must be moved every 24 hours as required by the City of Lincoln.

Student, Faculty/Staff Areas: (Green or gold hang tag required)

  • Lot 15 (North side of Huntington Avenue on the northwest corner of 50th)
  • Lot 1 (South side of Huntington Avenue on the southeast corner of 50th)
  • Lot 8 (North side of Madison Avenue between 54th and 56th)
  • Lot 11 (North side of Madison Avenue between 52nd and 53rd)
  • Lot 4 (South side of Huntington Avenue on southwest corner of 54th)
  • Lot 5 (South side of Huntington Avenue on southeast corner of 54th)
  • Lot 6 (North side of Huntington Avenue on northeast corner of 56th)

Faculty/Staff Only: (Gold hang tag required)

  • Lot 13 (East side of 50th at Saint Paul Avenue)
  • Lot 14 (East side of 50th at Baldwin Avenue)
  • Lot 2 (Horseshoe driveway between (McDonald Theatre and Fine Arts)
  • Lot 10 (South side of Story Student Center)

The complete Parking Policy is also posted inside all campus buildings.


Security Contact

Roxanne Styskal
Manager of Custodial Services, Security and Parking
Nebraska Wesleyan University
5000 Saint Paul Avenue
Lincoln, NE 68504

Security Cellphone
(402) 432-9238

Physical Plant Phone
(402) 465-2323