Scholarship Eligibility

Your education is perhaps the biggest investment you’ll ever make in yourself. We’re here to help students and families navigate the complicated world of scholarships and financial aid.

Our straightforward approach can help you through every step.

  • We’re upfront about our costs.
  • We make it easy to see what NWU scholarships you qualify for.
  • Then we connect you to additional aid programs, such as:
    • grants which require no repayment,
    • subsidized loans, where there’s no interest accrued while you’re in school,
    • and unsubsidized loans, where interest begins accruing right away.

Everyone accepted for admission is automatically considered for an academic scholarship!

  • 99% of NWU students receive financial aid
  • In the academic year of 2017–2018, first-year applicants who submitted a FAFSA received an average aid package of $25,775
  • Eligibility: We want smart and hard-working students to choose Nebraska Wesleyan University. That’s why we reward academic achievement. There’s no separate application process for these scholarships.

    Eligibility is based on your ACT or SAT scores up to the end of December of your senior year of high school and your cumulative GPA when you apply. Academic scholarships are automatically renewed for eight semesters for students who maintain the required GPA.
  • We offer additional aid programs supporting minority students, relatives of alumni, Nebraska Methodists, international baccalaureate students, artists, musicians, thespians, Wesleyan Honors Academy students, and others.

On-campus Employment

Roughly 600 NWU students earn money by working on campus.

On-campus employment opportunities include approximately 600 part-time jobs, some of which are funded through the Federal Work-Study Program, and others which are funded by Nebraska Wesleyan.

We work with families every day building financial aid packages to fit their needs.

Many families walk in assuming that Wesleyan is too expensive so they will not be able to afford it. Our best advice to students and families concerned about affordability: Just give us a chance to put together a financial aid package and show you the net cost.

  • We’ll show you what academic scholarships you qualify for.
  • We’ll help you locate state and federal grants.
  • We’ll give you the information you need to minimize your debt.

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