Core NWU Values


Nebraska Wesleyan University is committed to excellence in all aspects of academic endeavor; in the curriculum, educational facilities, residence halls, and all programs available to students; in the hiring and professional development of faculty and staff; in all administrative policies and procedures; and in the processes which ensure the continuing renewal of the academic community.

Liberal Arts

Nebraska Wesleyan University is an academic community committed to the centrality of the liberal arts and to “those habits of the mind” which derive from the liberal arts: intellectual curiosity, critical and rational thinking, creative and artistic expression, respect for history and traditional values, independent analysis, and effective communication—in short, an academic community dedicated to the joy and freedom of intellectual inquiry and learning. Nebraska Wesleyan also affirms the importance of professional programs validated and enriched by the traditions of the liberal arts.

Personal Attention to Students

Recognizing that each student is a unique individual, a person of dignity and sacred worth, the faculty and staff of Nebraska Wesleyan University are committed to providing encouragement and opportunities for all students to develop maturity, personal responsibility, and a sense of values and to enhance their intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional, and aesthetic resources.


Nebraska Wesleyan University affirms its commitment to provide programs, resources, and policies that broaden perspectives on humanity and its diverse cultural expressions locally, nationally, and internationally.


As an academic community that “cultivates the desire for learning and nurtures the growth of the whole person,” Nebraska Wesleyan University affirms its commitment to collegiality and to a community which unites students, faculty, staff, Board members, alumni, parents, and friends in an “environment of Christian concern;” a learning community whose members respect the dignity and worth of all members of the University and who seek opportunities to serve the wider human community.


Recognizing the University’s distinctive United Methodist heritage and the values which derive from that heritage, Nebraska Wesleyan is committed to the careful stewardship and wise use of the human and financial resources needed to accomplish the mission of the University; at the same time, wise stewardship of resources also requires creativity and boldness in addressing the challenges which face independent higher education.