Wesleyan Alert System

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What is the Wesleyan Alert System?

Wesleyan Alert is Nebraska Wesleyan’s urgent notification system. If you subscribe to Wesleyan Alert, you will be notified in the event of an emergency or safety concern via your chosen method(s):

  • Text message to your cell phone or other device capable of receiving SMS (short message service) messaging
  • E-mail message

Why should I subscribe?

The subscriber-only feature of this system allows you to receive urgent notifications even if you’re away from your computer or University phone. Those who choose not to subscribe to this service will be alerted of campus emergencies and safety messages via traditional all-campus emails and website postings.

What’s involved?

You need a Nebraska Wesleyan University email address to subscribe to this service. You can log back into the system at any time to update information such as a new cell phone number.

It is recommended that you use your Nebraska Wesleyan user name when registering; a new password is strongly recommended.

Following validation, be sure to join the “safety notification” group so you can receive all emergency and safety messages.

How does the Wesleyan Alert System work?

During an urgent situation, a text message will be sent to your cell phone within seconds of an official announcement. An instant text message will alert you of an emergency wherever you are carrying your cell phone.

What if I do not have a cell phone?

You can still participate by registering to have the same message sent to you via e-mail. This means you will need to be at your computer at the time of the announcement.

Can I unsubscribe to this service?

Yes. You can unsubscribe at any time by logging into your account and clicking on "unsubscribe" under the "Groups" tab. The service requires that you choose an expiration date in order to keep a clean database. You will be notified upon your expiration date as to whether you want to re-subscribe.