Pandemic Flu

Nebraska Wesleyan University has joined companies, governments, and schools nationwide in preparing a plan to cope with a potential pandemic flu outbreak. Task force members remind employees to think about personal pandemic plans for their homes.

Pandemic Influenza Response Planning Team

In 2006, NWU formed the Pandemic Influenza Response Planning Team of campus experts and key response departments to conduct pre-event planning and prepare specific pandemic flu response procedures.

Progress Report:

  • The planning team participated in a webinar provided by EIIA, the University’s insurance provider. The webinar further educated participants about various consequences of a flu pandemic.
  • The planning team met with the Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Department to review its plan and evaluate how Nebraska Wesleyan is affected by the city/county plan.
  • The planning team participated in a Health Department tabletop exercise.
  • NWU utilizes a checklist from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to assist colleges and universities in developing and improving plans to prepare and respond to an influenza pandemic.
  • The planning team has worked with Sodexo (Wesleyan’s food service provider) and Securitas (Security provider) to incorporate their response plans into the University’s overall response plan.
  • The task force continues to work on a response plan and continues to participate in tabletop exercises.
  • The university encourages faculty, staff, and students to get a flu shot, available at the Student Health services.