Student Experiences

Meet Taylor Tacha

On Track

Taylor TachaI don’t look at track as an individual sport. I love my team.

There’s just an atmosphere about our team. We have high expectations for each other. We’re so competitive in the classroom and on the track.

Workouts are hard and long. I just couldn’t do it alone. My teammates are my reason to go to practice. They count on me to be there and be a leader. We hold each other up.

On Great Coaching

I have the best coaches in the nation.

I’m not just an athlete to Coach Bulling. Ted’s helped me put my focus on the process—on enjoying the journey and that daily grind. He’s taught us that we perform our best when we get the sleep we need, when we have positive relationships, when we’re happy.

One of the things Ted likes to say is, “Today, we’re going to get better.” And he’s not just talking about athletics.

On Scholarships

I’m in a situation where I’m paying for college myself. And I had a semester where it just wasn’t adding up. I went to the Financial Aid Office. They helped me find an extra scholarship.

I think Jan recognized the burden I was feeling. It’s not just the scholarship support. It’s the understanding. She helped me make a budget. I left there feeling loved.