Student Experiences

Meet Clayton Damme

On Accepting a Challenge

Clayton DammeI’ve seen how much my education matters. It’s made me a global citizen. I react to the world differently now. I feel like I’m more accepting.

I’ve grown the most in my toughest classes. I’ve taken those difficult classes because you’re expected to push yourself. They’ve taught me to take smart risks and accept challenges, even when they scare me.

Cathy Nelson (associate professor of Spanish) has expected more out of me than any teacher I’ve had. She pushed me to do the best I could. I didn’t want to let her down.

On Studying Abroad

I went to Costa Rica after my first year. It was a total mob outside the airport and I nearly backed out. I thought, “I cannot do this!” But then I met up with my group and met my host family and started the biggest learning experience of my life. I sucked it up, met some awesome people and came to love the language and culture.

That’s when I knew Spanish was a language I wanted to learn and pursue at Nebraska Wesleyan.

On Visiting Campus

I was stuck between NWU and another school. I visited Nebraska Wesleyan seven times! And I shadowed students in class.

It finally came down to how I could see myself as a happy and successful student here. When I looked around the classrooms, that’s the type of students I saw.