Concurrent High School Students

Teacher Application and Requirements


High school teachers who wish to become an Adjunct Instructor in the Wesleyan Honors Academy program should:

  • Education:
    • Hold a master’s degree in the subject area of the courses they propose to offer or
    • Hold a master’s degree with a minimum of 18 hours of graduate credit in the relevant subject field.
  • Submit a letter of support from their high school principal documenting their teaching expertise.
  • Submit graduate school transcripts.

Application Process

The Wesleyan Honors Academy Director will work with high school principals and/or central school district curriculum specialists to identify high school courses and teachers for participation in Wesleyan Honors Academy and invite them to apply. Teachers may also request information and an application directly from the Honors Academy Director.

Both the teacher and the course must be approved by the Honors Academy. Following is a description of the application and approval process:

Step 1: Teacher Application

  1. Submit the Teacher Application form (PDF) and supporting materials, including transcripts showing applicable graduate course work to the Honors Academy Director.
  2. The Director will review the teacher application materials for minimal requirements and forward qualified applicants to the appropriate Departmental Coordinator.
  3. Upon approval of the applicant by the appropriate Department, the teacher will be asked to submit the Course Application form.

Step 2: Course Application

  1. On the Course Application form (PDF), describe the course, including scope, organization, teaching style, expectations of students, and the textbook or reading requirements.
  2. Submit sample examinations and research, writing, or speaking assignments.
  3. Art instructors must send visuals of their and their students’ artwork.
  4. The high school principal or appropriate administrator must send a letter of support.
  5. After reviewing the Course Application materials, the Honors Academy Director will forward them to the appropriate Departmental Coordinator for review and final determination.
  6. The Honors Academy Director will notify the teacher in writing whether the teacher is:
    • Approved
    • Provisionally Approved (with provisions stated)
    • Not Approved at This Time (with reasons stated).
  7. Once the course is approved, the teacher must have an official transcript of all graduate work sent to the Honors Academy Director.
  8. The Honors Academy will forward the names of Approved and Provisionally Approved teachers to the Dean, who will appoint them NWU Adjunct Instructors.

Probationary Status for First Year Teachers

Approval to teach in the Wesleyan Honors Academy program is considered probationary for the first year that a teacher participates. After the first year, a teacher will automatically qualify to remain in the program under the following conditions:

  • The teacher has met, or is making significant progress toward meeting any specified provisions.
  • The Honors Academy Director and the respective Departmental Coordinator approve continued participation.