Athletic Training Program

BOC Exam Data

2010-2013 BOC Examination Data for Nebraska Wesleyan University Students


Clinical Education

Clinical Education Experiences

The utilization of the clinical educational experiences at NWU provides the primary setting for the continued teaching, practice, and evaluation of the Entr

Clinical Instruction Plan

Nebraska Wesleyan University uses the learning over time concept in this way: athletic training students will initially be introduced to Athletic Training Competencies through the required sequenti

Progress Evaluation and Retention

The Program Director maintains a student file containing application materials, grade reports, grade checks, and course progress information.


BIO 9 Human Anatomy and Physiology: 4 hours

Student Transfer Policy

Transfer students need to contact Mark Stutz, the NWU Athletic Training Education Program Director early in the recruiting process.

Student-Athlete Participation Policy

Because the Athletic Training Education Program is deeply rooted in course and clinical sequencing, normal progression is essential to the successful completion of the program.

Program Costs

University Tuition and Fees

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The Nebraska Wesleyan University Athletic Training Room is home to the Athletic Training staff and students and is located on the second floor of the Marion-Marian Weary Center, room 247.