Course Schedules

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Spring 2015 Registration & Policies (PDF)
Fall 2014 Registration & Policies (PDF)
Schedule Grid (PDF)
Check WebAdvisor for most recent schedule information.
University College - Wesleyan Advantage and Graduate Programs
Wesleyan Advantage - Lincoln
Summer, Fall 2015 (PDF)
Spring 2015, Summer 2015 (PDF)
Wesleyan Advantage - Omaha, Clarinda, Council Bluffs
Spring 2015, (tentative) Summer 2015 (PDF)
Summer, Fall 2014, (tentative) Spring 2015 (PDF)
Master of Arts in Historical Studies (MAHS)
Contact the MAHS program for schedule information.
Graduate Forensic Science (MFS, MSFS)
Spring 2015/Summer 2015 (PDF)
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
See the Wesleyan Advantage Schedule for Lincoln or Omaha.