Fight the Job-Hunting Blues

Recent numbers out of the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics show some reason for cheer among job seekers. Nonfarm payroll employment increased by 162,000 in March.
While the temporary jobs of U.S. census workers do pad this figure, and while March’s number doesn’t do much to undo the 8 million-plus American jobs shed in the recession, it is movement in the right direction.

Nebraskans have additional reasons for optimism. While the national unemployment rate held steady at 9.7 percent, the employment picture is considerably brighter in Nebraska. Nebraska’s unemployment rate is half the national rate at 4.8 percent. With the exceptions of North Dakota (4.1 percent) and South Dakota (4.8 percent), no other state in the Midwest is within one and a half percentage points of Nebraska.

Fewer Nebraskans out of work means less competition for the openings that do exist as NWU students enter the job market.

Thankfully, NWU students can do more than just crunch Labor Department numbers to quell the anxieties of entering what is still unquestionably a tough environment for job seekers. They can call for backup.

Nebraska Wesleyan’s Career and Counseling Center is geared to help students and alumni in their employment searches. NWU shares an online job-posting site with eight other regional schools called JobZone. JobZone is an invaluable resource that connects students and alumni to employment opportunities. Students may link to JobZone through the Career and Counseling Center’s section of the university Web site. The JobZone does require a short registration.
The Career and Counseling Center’s services don’t stop with a simple listing of available jobs. Counselors also sit down with students to sharpen résumés, edit cover letters and even conduct mock interviews.

With the Career Assistance Network, job seekers can access a vast pool of NWU alumni and friends in an array of fields, all eager to share what they know and help where they can as NWU students launch their careers.

While the services outlined here are often invaluable particularly to seniors on the cusp of their professional careers, the Career and Counseling Center is there to serve students from their first days on campus. The center’s staff is there to assist students as they choose an academic or career field, plan for graduate school or search for developmental experiences like internships and volunteer opportunities.

The Career and Counseling Center’s comprehensive supports are all the more valuable in an
anxious job market. Encourage your student to take full advantage of what they have to offer.

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