Eaton Named Assistant Provost for Experiential Learning

Political science professor Kelly Eaton is passionate about experiential learning. So it’s fitting that the new position she’ll begin this summer will focus on transforming Nebraska Wesleyan students.

Beginning July 1, Eaton will be the assistant provost for experiential learning.

Eaton has worked with experiential learning for several years in directing programs such as the CHIP program offered to NWU students to study and work Washington, D.C.

“I have seen the transformative qualities of experiential learning and how it has changed students’ trajectory; how they change the way the students view themselves and the world,” said Eaton.

Eaton’s new duties will emphasize the importance of learning through experiences outside the classroom.

“Nebraska Wesleyan has many areas that focus on experiential learning, but there is no central body to connect the efforts,” said Eaton.

In her new role, she will help the provost and connect the efforts of prestige scholarships, the CHIP program, study abroad programs, and service learning. Eaton hopes to both increase the number of programs and awareness of experiential learning opportunities.

“In looking at the current job market, students need to have experiences in addition to the required coursework,” said Eaton. “The new position presents an opportunity to impact more students’ lives and I would like to help students reach their desired futures.”

Eaton said she will focus on East Asia in the curriculum and study abroad opportunities. She will also work to bring academic affairs and student life together, called blended learning.

“My ultimate goal is for every Nebraska Wesleyan student to do at least one significant experiential learning project,” said Eaton. “I would love to be able to talk to every graduating senior and ask them about their experience.”

In addition to her new responsibilities, Eaton will continue teaching some political science classes.

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Kelly Eaton, Assistant Provost for Experiential Learning