Should the Dining Hall Go Trayless?

Environmental Action wants your input on whether the dining hall should go trayless. 

Share your thoughts by completing this survey by Friday, March 12. Survey participants have a chance to win a gift card to MoJava or Lincoln Sound & Disc. 

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I really don't think they're necessary

I haven't used a tray for the past several months, and I have not missed it. Even on the busiest days I haven't thought that I could really use a tray. Now, I mostly ignore their very existence. I think we should collectively abandon the use of trays in order to reduce our impact on the environment. The benefits outway the costs.

An outsider


I think you should go trayless because when my school did it you wouldnt believe the amount of abuse our Student Senate and Environmental club went through. But the next school year everyone had moved on. College kids really are like children so I would suggest implementing it in slowly. Take a month and have 1 day be trayless, then the next week 2 days and so on until all days are traless. Also have around the cafe the reasons that the college is going trayless so when people come up to you in the cafe and tell you they don't like trayless just point them to a sign about the savings the college and the students are getting by going trayless. Also I would suggest doing it late second semester so that the students can get use to it and then go on summer break and come back without any problems. It has worked really well for us and I wish your school all the luck.

for how much I pay for a Gold

for how much I pay for a Gold Plan which is required for me to have, the least they can do is let us use a tray to carry our food and drinks on. Many students are on a tight schedule for meal time (myself included) and it really sucks having to get food, take it to your table, go back up and get drinks, take them to your table, go get a salad, take that to your table, then go get another plate of food, etc. In one meal on trayless tuesday its not uncommon for me or my friends to each leave our table at least 4 times to get more food or another drink, where if we have trays we only leave once or twice. And at peak lunch time its a lot easier to get food when you don't have everyone running up to get more food every 5 minutes. I'm all for the environment, but this would be such a hassle to many students who already overpay for average food.

As much as trays are helpful,

As much as trays are helpful, I don't feel it is necessary to have to waste so much water in cleaning them as well as plates. If trays were simply eliminated it would help the environment and I'm all for that.

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