President's Day: Student Organization Presidents Learn to Turn Their Experience into Golden Opportunity

Whether you’re the president of the student body, your fraternity or sorority, or the math club, you have one thing in common: triumphs and challenges.

 “And sometimes it’s lonely at the top,” said Pete Armstrong, NWU Dean of Students who together with student body president Jessica Danson hosted a special President’s Day lunch recognizing some of the presidents of Nebraska Wesleyan’s 80-plus student organizations.

Students gathered to share challenges, tips for motivating members, and rewards for being a student leader.

“We’re going through many of the same things even though some of our organizations are very different, said Matthew Emerton, president of the International Relations Organization.

“It’s important to have a vision,” said Danson. “And it’s important to take risks.”

Time management, teamwork, creativity, initiative, grace.

The student organization presidents listed many qualities they are gaining from their presidential experiences.

Those qualities aren’t teachable, said Bonnie Coffey, a business consultant, author, and current president of the National Association of Commissions for Women, who shared some words of wisdom with the group.

She said employers can teach employees the hands-on skills needed for a job.

“But I can’t teach you how to be creative, how to have tact, how to take initiative,” she said.

“Show your potential employers your unteachable qualities and you’ll set yourselves apart from others in the job search,” she advised the students. “You have a golden opportunity to craft those qualities in what you’re doing now. Let your potential employers know you have something special.”

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