Local Kindess Movement Kickoff Event Will Honor Life of Former NWU Student

A local “Cameron Effect - Seven Acts of Kindness” movement will kickoff Tuesday, September 11 with a presentation that honors the memory of a former NWU student killed by a drunk driver.

Cameron Freeman, who attended Nebraska Wesleyan University, was killed by a drunk driver in November 2010. Out of the tragedy, Cameron’s parents — Paul and Shelley Freeman — created the Cameron Effect, in an effort to continue their son’s wish for a better, kinder world.

The Cameron Effect has joined forces with KZUM radio and Positivity Matters, which designs community activities inspired by research from the field of positive psychology.

Together the organizations will launch “Cameron Effect - Seven Acts of Kindness,” a three-month movement of compassion in the community.

The kickoff will be held Tuesday, September 11 at 7 p.m. in Callen Conference Center on the Nebraska Wesleyan University campus. The presentation will include:

Detective Jay Armbrister of Lawrence, Kan., a sheriff’s deputy who investigated the crash that killed Cameron Freeman. He will discuss the crash that killed Cameron Freeman and what people can do to prevent such tragedies;

Nick Hernandez of Lincoln, founder of Positivity Matters;

Paul and Shelley Freeman of Lincoln, parents of Cameron Freeman. Hernandez and the Freemans will discuss the Random Cameron Effect – 7 Acts of Kindness movement.

Callen Conference Center is located on the lower level of the Smith-Curtis Administration Building, located one block east of 50th Street and St. Paul Ave. The event is free and open to the public.

Following the kickoff event, the Cameron Effect - Seven Acts of Kindness movement will continue through December 7, which was Cameron Freeman’s birthday. Here’s how else you can participate:

Visit any Lincoln City Library or , Lincoln area Hy-Vee store to pick up 7 Act of Kindness Ccards. Do seven expressions of compassion. Give each recipient an Act of Kindness card and encourage them to do the same. Share your kindness story or how it made you feel on a the Kindness Card or your own 3x5 card and deliver them back to any Lincoln City Library, Lincoln area Hy-Vee, KZUM radio station or First Plymouth Congregational Church. The cards will be collected and made into Kindness Quilts to be displayed at the a December celebration.

For more information on the Cameron Effect – 7 Acts of Kindness Movement, contact Shelley Freeman at www.cameroneffect.com or Nick Hernandez at PositivityMatters.org.


Cameron Effect

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The Freemans are members of 1st-Plymouth

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