Global Service Learning Prepares for Service Trip to South Dakota Indian Reservation

Fifteen student members of Nebraska Wesleyan’s Global Service Learning organization will spend a week in January organizing, sorting and cleaning. It will be an experience that will likely forever impact their lives.

Global Service Learning’s annual national service project will take them to Crow Creek Indian Reservation in central South Dakota. They will volunteer at a local high school, women’s center, veteran’s memorial, and thrift store.

“We tend to gravitate toward environments in which the majority of our members are unfamiliar with,” student GSL facilitator Eric Noel said of the service project. “This kind of scenario creates the richest learning potential as well as serves as an educational outlet that can be brought back to campus.”

Noel said the project will focus on visible service —sorting and organizing at various agencies — as well as interpersonal service, which emphasizes communication and relationship-building.

“While we may serve as mentors when working with high school students, interpersonal service usual benefits our group more as the servers become served.”

Noel continued, “The residents of the Crow Creek Reservation will provide our group access into a culture that has seemingly been forgotten.”

The service project will take place January 8-15.