Opportunity for Groups to Volunteer at the Zoo on March 31st & April 1st

Spring Cleanup 2012

Date & Time:

Saturday March 31, 9am-3pm; Sunday April 1, 12pm-3pm


Raking, sweeping, picking up trash, hauling, washing, other duties as assigned.


The Zoo covers 10 acres with over 300 animal species and hundreds more plant species. Although

there is much to take care of at the Zoo the Facilities Department, responsible for grounds keeping, has

only a handful of full-time staff members. In addition, with the Zoo opening on April 15, the weather

only allows a small window of time to clean up the Zoo. Without volunteer support it would be nearly

impossible to get the Zoo ready to go for opening day.


Dress appropriately to for the weather. Wear clothes that can get dirty and wet.

Food & Drink:

The Safari Café will be open, selling various lunch and snack items. Vending machines (Pepsi

products and snacks) will be available. Volunteers should bring any other snacks or special drinks

they may want. Water will be provided but volunteers should bring a refillable water bottle.


The Zoo only has a limited amount of equipment for use by volunteers, and it is available on a

first-come first-serve basis. Any equipment volunteers can bring from home would be greatly

beneficial to cleanup efforts. Rakes and gloves are the most important items to bring but shovels,

wheelbarrows and other lawn and garden equipment will be put to good use. Please label all personal


Where to Meet:

The volunteer check-in station will be located in front of the Zoo entrance. All volunteers need to

come to the check-in station first (it is important for the Zoo to keep track of the number of volunteers

assisting). After check-in volunteers will be taken to specific areas of the Zoo to start working.


If you plan on assisting the Zoo with its cleanup or have any questions or comments, please contact the

Volunteer Coordinator:

Adam Rhoads

402-475-6741 ext 129 arhoads@lincolnzoo.org


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