Crime Scene House Transforms Into Haunted House For Halloween

Trick-or-treaters beware! The house at 5451 Huntington Ave. isn’t your typical neighborhood house to stop at for candy.

 Approximately six murders are committed each year at this house but these startling statistics don’t affect Lincoln’s crime rate.

That’s because the murders are fictional. It’s Nebraska Wesleyan’s crime scene house used year-round to teach future crime scene investigators how to solve crimes using scientific methods for blood spatter analysis, criminal profiling and DNA extraction.

On Saturday, October 31, the crime scene house will take on a different look when it is transformed into a family-friendly haunted house. The house — located just south of Abel Stadium — will be open from 5 to 7 p.m.

Saturday’s haunted house will not include any murder plots but on any given day, passersby may notice a few oddities like a plastic body hanging from a tree or crime scene tape wrapped around the garage.

Students earning their master’s degree in forensic science are required to take the Crime Scene House Practicum. They are given 10 months to collect, process, and analyze the evidence. Passing or failing relies on their ability to convince a mock grand jury that they have identified the correct suspect. The practicum became the subject of a 2007 NET documentary titled, “Murder House."