Students Headed to Kansas City for Service Projects on Childhood Poverty

Twenty Nebraska Wesleyan University students are spending part of the semester break in Kansas City, Mo., where they are working on projects dealing with children and poverty.

Members of the student organization Global Service Learning left January 8 for seven days in Kansas City where they are volunteering with five organizations.

They are volunteering at:

  • Sleepyhead Beds — an organization started in 2010 to help fill a void in community youth service. The organization collects gently-used mattresses and bedding and re-distributes them to needy children who might otherwise be sleeping on a cold floor, in the backseat of a car, or at a homeless shelter. GSL members will assist with pick-up and delivery of the beds in the Kansas City metro area.
  • Operation Breakthrough — an organization that provides childcare, preschool and enrichment programs for children living in poverty. The program also provides advocacy, educational services and emergency aid to the children’s families.
  • Ozanam — a multi-service treatment center for boys and girls ages 12 to 18 years. The organization provides residential treatment, day treatment, transitional living programs and consultation services for schools. NWU students will volunteer their time painting residence halls.
  • Harvesters Community Food Network — Kansas City’s only food bank.
  • Operation International Children (OIC) — An organization founded by actor Gary Sinese and author Laura Hillenbrand, the program reaches out to war-stricken children in Iraq by sending them school supplies, shoes, blankets and other necessities. NWU students will work in the OIC warehouse assembling kits and sorting incoming shipments.

Each winter, Global Service Learning participates in a national service project. Previous service trips were taken to a South Dakota Indian reservation and to Denver, Colo. where they volunteered with the Doc to Docks Program. Last winter the group traveled to Tuscon, Ariz., where they worked on immigration-related projects. Global Service Learning also participates in an international service project each summer. They have volunteered in China, Guatemala, Malawi, Nicaragua and Swaziland.

The students participating in the Kansas City service trip will talk about their experience at a community conversation on Thursday, February 2 at 1 p.m. in Callen Conference Center.

So proud!

As a NWU and GSL alum, I am so proud of GSL and the planning that has gone on behind this trip. It seems like such a wonderful and focused trip. Furthermore, I am happy that it is so close to Lincoln! There is so much to be done in every part of the world, sometimes close to home is the best place to serve. Sending you well wishes!

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