NWU Honors Five Retiring Professors’ 144 Years of Service

Nebraska Wesleyan University said farewell to five retiring professors at commencement ceremonies on May 17. Combined, the five professors’ tenures reach back further than the university’s history.

Professor Emeritus of Business Administration Thomas Hudson taught for 26 years after a 20-year career in marketing.

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Computer Science O. William McClung taught at NWU for 22 years. He holds master’s degrees from Columbia and Stanford.

Professor Emeritus of Psychology William McNeil taught at NWU for 24 years. He is a clinical psychologist who has served on boards for the Lighthouse, the Rape Spouse Abuse Crisis Center and the Head Start Program.

Professor Emerita of Spanish Joyce Michaelis was the longest-tenured professor currently teaching at Nebraska Wesleyan. She began teaching Spanish at NWU in 1966.

Professor Emeritus of Business Administration Stuart Spero taught at Nebraska Wesleyan for 24 years. He came to NWU following a 22-year career in the U.S. Air Force.

Congratulations to Professor Michaelis!

I would like to congratulate all the NWU graduates of the class of 2014, as well as all five retired faculty members! I wish each and every one of you the best in the next phase of your lives. Know that Nebraska Wesleyan has prepared you well for the roads you will travel, literally and figuratively.

I especially want to send heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to Professor Joyce Michaelis. Her dedication to teaching and to the development of her students' spirits and minds was a wonderful gift to me (1987-1991), and to the University she loved and served.

Muchas gracias y felicidades, Senora Michaelis! Ojala que viaje bien!

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Tom Hudson
O. William McClung
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Joyce Michaelis
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