Alumni Events Retrospective

Here are just some of the recent NWU alumni events.

Alumni Attend a Saltdogs GameJuly 10 – Saltdogs Event

Front Row: Dwight Ganzel (’49); Ken Cooper.

Middle Row: Tom Bassett (’67); Karen (Harrington) Bassett (’69); Lucy Turner; Richard Turner (’60); Deborah Cooper (’73); Betty (Winquest) Cooper (’45); Margaret (Winquest) Ganzel (’47).

Back Row: Gene Crump (’69); Linda (Cooke) Crump (’70); Paul Hadley; Micah Hadley; Rachelle Hadley, NWU Events Coordinator.

Alumni Lend a Hand to OmahaAugust 22 – Lend a Hand to Omaha

The NWU team who served at the Open Door Mission (left) helped stock and prepare food for mission patrons.  Team members included Stacey (McMahon) Haussler (’99); Erin (Placke) Howard (’05); Gregory Harris (’97); Joyce (Myers) (’81), Dan and Luke Maddox; Cindy (Hasemann) Slykhuis (’99); and Carol (Allen) Sundermeier (’75).

The Lend a Hand to Omaha Hitchcock Park team (right) collected trash and painted two sets of bleachers. Lizzy Rasmussen ’06; Callie Wisdom; Erin Martin (’08); Nicole Steinhauser (’04); Tara Wisdom; and John Buller (‘09) pass the half-way point painting the bleachers at Hitchcock Park.

Alumni Meet up in LAAugust 29 – Southern California Event

The NWU alumni Los Angeles happy hour was hosted by Patrick Ediger (’01) and Leann Lundstedt (’04) on August 29.  From left, standing:  Dr. John W. White, NWU president emeritus; Kelly Krause (’04); Annie Ortmeier (’04). From left, seated: Carolyn (Rudd) Unvert (’55); Leon Taylor (’56); Elaine (Krondak) Taylor (’55); Ervin Unvert (’53); Barbara Marts. Other attendees included Erin Amos (’05); Ben (’99) and Annabel Apley; Melissa Bruning (’93); Brad Cates (’55); Elizabeth Glau (’01); Jeremy (’98) and Amy Loch; Gordon Marts (’53); Matt Moore (’05); and Stanton Spohr (’57).