Nursing Student Selected to Give Commencement Remarks

Nebraska Wesleyan University student Joan Naber has been selected to give University College representative remarks at this year’s commencement.

University College includes NWU’s adult and graduate programs.

“My educational experience at Nebraska Wesleyan was excellent, and it is such an honor to speak at commencement,” she said.

When Naber decided to return to school to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing, she chose Nebraska Wesleyan because the passion and enthusiasm of the nursing faculty was apparent. This made the hour-long commute from York each week worth it.

“I thought to myself, I would enjoy learning from these instructors,” she recalled.

Although going back to school was a challenge, Naber said NWU faculty understand that nontraditional students are squeezing education into an already overflowing life. She especially appreciated being treated like an equal among her peers and professors.

Despite her busy schedule Naber wanted to find a way to meet and connect with other nursing students and faculty beyond the classroom. With encouragement from her advisor, she organized a nursing open house reception. The event had a great turnout and Naber hopes University College students will continue organizing similar events.

Ultimately, the classes are what made her experience at Nebraska Wesleyan excellent, she said.

“The nursing classes at Nebraska Wesleyan are full of experience and life knowledge, and they help you think beyond the everyday work to explore new ideas and problems in the community,” she said. “In my classes I learned how to be a leader, critical thinker, problem solver, and a world citizen.”

Following graduation, Naber will continue her job as a nurse at York General Hospital.

What an awesom inspiration.

What an awesom inspiration. I know that my experience in this program, as with many other that I know, Mirror her experience at this school. I will be honored to have her represent our graduating class from the advantage program!

Thanks Michael for the kind

Thanks Michael for the kind words. I truly think that my success at completing my degree is due to the University College program staff. They are great! Joan

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Joan Naber was selected to give commencement remarks on behalf of University College students.