Students Use Spring Break to Explore Cultural Experiences

A group of Nebraska Wesleyan students will experience the rich diversity within the U.S. during an alternate spring break service trip to the nation’s capital March 22-27.

“The purpose of this trip is to expose students to different cultural experiences,” said University Minister Eduardo Bousson, who will travel with the students to Washington, D.C.

Students will spend a day at the Boys and Girls Club in one of the most diverse communities in the nation, visit the Islamic Center, and worship at a church founded by John Quincy Adams. They will also taste the flavors of a variety of ethnic cuisine. Time will be set aside each day to reflect on the culture and the differences they experience during the trip.

“This is an opportunity for all participants to have a better grasp of the diversity within this nation and an awakening to understanding the needs of different populations,” said Bousson.

The Office of Multicultural Programs has sponsored the Urban Cultural Immersion Trip for nine years, with additional sponsorship this year from University Ministries. Several international students studying at NWU this year are participating in the trip. Bousson said he looks forward to the unique perspectives they will provide.  

“I am really looking forward to experiencing a mosque and learning about the mix of cultures and religions within the U.S.,” said Giovanna Brazon, an international student from Mexico.

Michelle Munoz, who is also from Mexico, decided to participate in the trip because of its reputation as a life-changing experience.

“My friend Said went on this trip last year and told me that it was a great experience that totally changed his world perspective,” said Munoz.  

In addition to the Urban Cultural Immersion Trip, students in Nebraska Wesleyan’s Symphonic Band will spend their spring break traveling through Nebraska and Missouri where they will perform several concerts at local high schools.

Student-athletes will stay busy over spring break as well. Softball, baseball, men and women’s golf, men’s and women’s tennis, and men’s and women’s track and field teams are competing across the country. 

NWU students return from spring break on Monday, March 31.

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