NWU Launches New MBA, MSN/MBA Degree Programs

Nebraska Wesleyan University is growing its graduate degree programs. Beginning this fall, NWU will offer a Master of Business Administration program and a Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Business Administration joint degree.

“We have studied the MBA for nearly a decade,” said Elizabeth MacLeod Walls, dean of University College, which houses the university’s adult and graduate programs. “We’ve waited until we were certain that we could develop a program that would reflect our mission, build on faculty strengths and meet students’ needs.”

Courtney Baillie, professor of accounting, has been named MBA Program Director. Baillie has taught at NWU for 15 years. Prior to teaching she worked in public accounting and served in the Peace Corps.

The new MBA program offers weekly evening classes in eight-week sessions. Students will choose from five specialized tracks including: Classic (traditional MBA), Health Care Management, Leadership, Design Your Own, and Accounting.

MBA students in all tracks will use real case studies and work alongside mentors at local businesses and nonprofit organizations.

“This gives students valuable opportunities to put classroom theories into practice through case studies where students are partnering with local businesses to tackle real issues in the marketplace,” said Baillie. “It’ll be exciting to watch MBA students interacting with businesses and nonprofits to help solve strategic issues.”

Starting this fall, NWU will also offer an MSN/MBA joint degree program in Lincoln and Omaha. The joint program is the only one of its kind in Nebraska.

“Today’s nurses are shouldering more and more business responsibilities, and we feel it’s important and necessary to respond,” said MacLeod Walls. “The program will not only benefit our students, but also health care systems and patients throughout the state.”

Nurses who already have an MSN can earn an MBA through a new MSN to MBA Bridge program, a special 21 credit hour program.

Information/Registration sessions have been scheduled for:


  • Thursday, February 27
  • Thursday, March 20
  • Thursday, April 24
  • Monday, May 12
  • Monday, June 16

All sessions will be held from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the All-American Room, located on the second floor of the Weary Center for Health & Fitness, 53rd Street and Huntington Ave.


  • Tuesday, March 11
  • Thursday, April 17
  • Tuesday, May 13
  • Thursday, June 12
  • Tuesday, July 8

All sessions will be held from 5-7 p.m. at the First National Bank Complex, 14010 FNB Parkway (near 140th & Dodge).

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Courtney Baillie has been named the MBA Program Director.
Students enrolled in the new MBA program will learn from real case studies and work alongside a local mentor.