Communication Professor Honored as Exemplary Teacher

While on sabbatical in Vienna, Austria, communication studies professor Karla Jensen continued her own study of German while immersing herself in a new culture.

“I lived the truth which I attempt to impart to my students: knowledge from a book comes alive when you experience it yourself.”

Jensen’s commitment to providing valuable experiences and collaboration for and with students, faculty, and staff at Nebraska Wesleyan University is why the United Methodist Church Division of Higher Education has named her its 2013-2014 Exemplary Teacher.

“Everyone knows that Karla brings energy to the classroom and she demands the same of her students,” said one nominator.

Jensen began her career at NWU in 2000 as an assistant professor. She was tenured and promoted in 2004, and became professor of communication in 2011. She chaired the Communication Studies Department from 2010-2013.

Colleagues and students say she is a role model in enthusiasm and positive support for the entire Nebraska Wesleyan community. For example, last year Jensen spent hours working on her yoga certification from the National Yoga Alliance so she could incorporate yoga into her liberal arts seminar (LAS). She invited her LAS students to begin their studies five days prior to the fall semester so they would be well prepared in their yoga competency to work with residents at Tabitha Health Services in Lincoln. (See article: Students Learn Liberal Arts of Yoga)

Jensen was recognized for moving beyond academic department borders by freely offering her communication expertise and consultation to others.

While on sabbatical in Vienna during the 2008-2009 academic year, Jensen modeled outstanding global citizenship by visiting International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) universities in an effort to make connections to bring back to campus. Her goal was to encourage more students to study abroad and encourage German students to study at NWU.

“She is a devoted colleague, teacher and member of the community whose actions reveal integrity and a collaborative spirit,” said a nominator.

Love her energy

Karla's passionate approach to life makes her such a wonderful educator. She's such a warm, energetic, and brilliant woman. Students who have her as a professor are so lucky, as I am to know her! Congratulations Karla! A well-deserved honor!

No One Better

This honor is but a small piece of recognition that Dr. Jensen deserves. Her dedication to her students is a model for all other teachers and professionals to follow. Congratulations!

Congratulations Karla!! You

Congratulations Karla!! You are very deserving of this honor.

Great human being. Honored

Great human being. Honored to know Professor Karla Jensen!

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Karla Jensen was recognized for innovation, energy, and collaboration across campus.
Karla Jensen, 2013-2014 Exemplary Teacher