Chicago Urban Culture Immersion Trip

A group of nine Nebraska Wesleyan students and two advisers went on a Chicago Urban Culture Immersion Trip during spring break in March 2009.

The mission of the trip was to introduce students to various cultures and ethnic backgrounds, open their minds to the different world outside Lincoln, Nebraska and encourage them to learning a new perspective and gain an appreciation for the lives of others.

The trip was five days long and students left by train on Saturday morning and flew back Wednesday night. Each day was filled with all kinds of culture learning activities.

At the end of the day, the group would gather together and reflect on what they saw, what they heard, what they learned, and how that changed or challenged their perspective.

Of all the places the students went to, some that were especially educational and made an impression were St. Sabina’s church service, Downtown Islamic Center, Chinatown and the service project at Casa Central where students acted as teachers and mentors and interacted with the children.

Chicago was new for many of the students that went on the trip. It provided an excellent chance for students to learn from this experience and from each other as well.

Many commented that it was an amazing experience and they would definitely recommend it to others!