Multicultural Programs Welcomes Candice Howell

Another year past, another great addition to the Wesleyan staff. If you make your way to the Center for Student Involvement and poke around the corner of the office, you’ll see Candice Howell fast at work in the Multicultural Office. Candice is originally from Kansas City, Missouri, and attended Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri, where she majored in exercise science with an emphasis in physical training.

From there she found herself at the University of Illinois in Jacksonville, IL, coaching and being an athletic director along with being in charge of the recruitment of minority athletes.

With all of her experience, she made her way to Wesleyan where she is currently the interim assistant to the provost for student success and diversity and is a attending graduate school for sports management. When asked what exactly she can do for the students, she responded with, “A plethora of things! I’m here to help the students with anything I can. Being a woman of color is comforting for some students to come to me and talk about what’s going on in their lives.”

Along with counseling and being a support system, academic advising is another thing she’s more than willing to help with.

“To me, my overall job is to make sure that the students succeed. From setting up a schedule to counseling to just hanging out, I’m here for them,” said Candice, “I’m someone they can come to about diversity issues on campus along with any other concerns that arise. I want every student to be comfortable on campus and have a successful, great experience here.”

It's safe to say that Wesleyan students have received more than just another staff member through Candice; they’ve received an ally here for them. With her heart in the right place and head in the right direction, Wesleyan welcomes Candice and is looking forward to seeing her in the future.