University Choir to Perform With Munich Symphony

When Nebraska Wesleyan University Choir Director William Wyman received a call this summer inquiring if his vocalists could perform with the Munich Symphony, he — without hesitation — said, yes!

“How do you say no to that kind of experience,” said Wyman. “It’s just not one you get everyday.”

But in the back of his mind, Wyman wondered how to juggle all of the choir’s commitments: a national tour in January, an invitation to perform at the American Choral Directors Association Convention in Madison, Wis. in February, two performances with the Omaha Symphony Orchestra in April, and an invitation to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City in May. Not to mention the choir recently finished an international tour to Sweden and Estonia.

“It was just too hard to say no,” said Wyman.

The inquiry initially came from the Lied Center for Performing Arts in Lincoln. The Munich Symphony — which performs with its own professional choir — needed 20 to 30 vocalists to augment its performance on Monday, November 7.

The Emmy-nominated University Choir is made up of more than 50 vocalists who are selected by audition. Thirty juniors and seniors will sing Mozart’s Requiem with the Munich Symphony. They were the only choir invited to sing at the Lincoln concert.

Since half of the choir will perform, Wyman didn’t want to use the typical class time for rehearsals. Instead, the participating vocalists have spent their Saturdays in two-hour rehearsals.

“They are doing very well,” Wyman said of the vocalists. “The rehearsals are intense. I treat them as if they are professional singers so that they are ready to step right in and sing on November 7th.”

The University Choir members will combine with the Munich Symphony and its professional choir for one rehearsal on the afternoon of the performance.

The evening performance begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Lied Center for Performing Arts, located at 12th and R streets in Lincoln. Tickets are $42 and $36, and can be purchased by calling 402.472.4747, in person at the Lied Center ticket office, and online.

“We’ll be ready,” said Wyman. “It’s an outstanding opportunity for our students.”


Performing with a professional choir and world-class symphony is truly a unique experience for NWU students. Congratulations to Dr. Wyman for providing this to them.

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Thirty members of the University Choir will perform with the Munich Symphony on November 7.