Employees Honored for Service to NWU

Nebraska Wesleyan honored several employees for their dedication to the university during the annual university dinner on August 23.

The following employees were recognized for their service:

30 Year Award

  • Jo Bunstock, Assistant Athletic Director

25 Year Award

  • Boyd Bacon, Assistant Professor of Music
  • Scott Etherton, Assistant Track & Field Coach
  • Tom Hudson, Professor of Business Administration

20 Year Awards

  • Gerise Herndon, Professor of English
  • Larry McClain, Associate Professor of English
  • Mark Werth, Professor of Chemistry
  • Yuko Yamada, Assistant Professor of Japanese

15 Year Awards

  • Janelle Andreini, Director of the Career & Counseling Center
  • Janice Carley, Tour Arranger
  • Than Fackler, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Rita Lester, Professor of Religion
  • Angie McKinney, Professor of Biology
  • Kim McLaughlin, Director of Student Health Service
  • Bruce Thummel, HVAC & Olin Hall of Science Technician
  • Julia Wallace, Residence Halls Custodian
  • Jane Wobig, Advisor, Lincoln Advantage
  • Ira Zeff, Director of Athletics & Instructor in Health & Human Performance

10 Year Awards

  • Jerry Bricker, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Stacy Graham, Head Women's Golf Coach
  • Vanessa Hanna, Assistant Manager, Data & Donor Relations
  • Terry McGinn, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Kurt Nielsen, Assistant Track Coach
  • Sara Olson, Director of Public Relations
  • Heather O'Neill, Campus Visit Administrator
  • Denise Polson, Administrative Assistant, University College
  • Mike Reese, Associate Professor of Theatre
  • Jodi Ryter, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Bonnie Simpson, Assistant Director of Wesleyan Honors Academy
  • Dan  Strydom, Professor of Chemistry
  • Sam Zitek, Associate Professor of Music

5 Year Awards

  • Melanie Armstrong, Special Assistant to the Provost
  • Eric Aspegren, Web Developer
  • Kathy Corbett, Instructor in Nursing
  • Carrie Derickson, Staff Assistant, Enrollment
  • David Duzik, Director of Enrollment
  • Christine Gabig-Prebyl, Adjunct Instructor in Forensic Science
  • Jenny Gramann, Admissions Counselor
  • Jennifer Lorenzen, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Judy Muyskens, Provost
  • P.J. Rabel, Administrative Assistant, President's Office
  • Janet Renoe, Forensic Lab Assistant
  • Tim Rife, Custodian-General Buildings
  • Hannah Selendic, Web Content Manager
  • Brandi Sestak, Director of Residential Education
  • Dean Sieglaff, Associate Professor of Physics
  • Christine Vogt, Adjunct Instructor in Nursing
  • Donna White, Adjunct Instructor in Business
  • Pance Zaev, Adjunct Instructor in Music
  • Mike Zhang, Heating Plant Engineer

Colleagues With More Than 30 Years of Service

  • Joyce Michaelis, Professor of Spanish – 47 years
  • Glen Dappan, Professor Emeritus of Biology – 44 years
  • Bob Fairchild, Professor of Physics and Chair of the Department of Physics – 38 years
  • Bill Wyman, Professor of Music – 38 years
  • Larry Jones, Professor of Music – 37 years
  • Garry Duncan, Professor of Biology – 34 years
  • Grady Turner, Manager of Administrative Computer Systems – 34 years
  • Pat Pettit, Professor of Health & Human Performance – 33 years
  • Ray Aldridge, Carpenter – 32 years
  • Ted Bulling, Director of Cross Country and Track and Field – 32 years
  • Sandy Dingman, Admissions Application Administrator – 32 years
  • Richard Jones, Adjunct Instructor in Music – 32 years
  • Bob Oberst, Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Department – 31 years
  • Meylonie Schatz, Chemistry Stockroom & Biology Lab Technician – 31 years


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