Get to Know: Sarah Barr, Director of Global Engagement

With experience in many languages and a love for all things culture, its no wonder Sarah Barr was destined to be Nebraska Wesleyan University’s new Director of Global Engagement.

Her reason for returning to Nebraska Wesleyan is no mystery either: she is an alumna. Barr graduated in 1993 with degrees in German and English and a minor in Japanese. Barr’s appreciation for German culture peaked during her stay in Trier, Germany, where she studied abroad as an undergraduate.

Following her graduation from NWU, Barr dabbled in a short career as a waitress and applied to graduate school. She chose the University of Arkansas where she earned a MFA in Literary translation and a MA in German.

Barr’s passion for world travels was still not satisfied, so after completing graduate school, she moved to Egypt where she lived for two years. While there, Barr taught writing at The American University in Cairo. In 2007, she moved back to Lincoln where she worked at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a study abroad advisor. Her first day at Nebraska Wesleyan was July 1.

Her experiences around the world have shaped the work that she does helping students to fulfill their dreams of world travel.

Barr said she is looking forward to seeing Nebraska Wesleyan’s study abroad program continue to grow. The department is eager to get more students educated about study abroad opportunities and the financial aid that is available to do so.

“This year is all about increasing awareness about the Gilman International Scholarship,” said Barr. “This is a great opportunity for students who have been traditionally underrepresented in study abroad to get out there and make it happen.”

The Gilman International Scholarship provides awards up to $5,000 for U.S. citizen undergraduate students at two and four-year institutions who receive a Pell Grant to study abroad. Studying abroad can be a life changing experience and receiving this scholarship will make students stronger candidates for jobs, said Barr.

Barr says that she has enjoyed her time at NWU so far, and she can’t wait to see what the future holds for the University’s study abroad program.

Fun Facts:

  • Pets: Five cats, one dog
  • Favorite food: Indian and Ethiopian

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Sarah Barr is the new Director of Global Engagement.