Faculty Reminded of Fall Semester Policies

The following items are reminders for the faculty for the 2011 fall semester:

CALENDAR: The complete calendar and final examination schedule for the fall semester are available on the website in the 2011-2012 Schedule. A limited number of schedules are available in the Registrar¹s Office. The last day of classes is Friday, December 9.

Final exams are scheduled for December 12-16. (If you have questions regarding the exam schedule, please verify examination times with the Registrar¹s Office.)

Fall classes do not meet on the following days:

  • Visions and Ventures — September 14-15
  • Mid-semester recess — October 14-18
  • Thanksgiving recess — November 23-27

CLASS ATTENDANCE/GRADING POLICIES: Please prepare and distribute copies of your syllabus, including attendance and grading policies, at the beginning of each course. A copy of each syllabus should be on file in the Academic Affairs Office. Please email an electronic copy to Linda Montag at lkm@nebrwesleyan.edu. The Students with Disabilities statement also needs to be included on all syllabi and you are encouraged to also include the Statement on Academic Integrity.

WEATHER RELATED CANCELLATION OF CLASSES: In case of severe weather, the decision to close the University for the day will be made by 5:30 a.m. and announced on the Wesleyan Alert System, University website, and on Lincoln radio and TV stations. For evening classes, the decision to cancel classes for the evening(those classes which begin at 4 p.m. or later) will be made by 2:30 p.m., and announced as above.

CULMINATION PERIOD ("DEAD WEEK"): The Culmination Period will begin at 8 a.m. exactly one week (seven calendar days) prior to the beginning of semester final examinations, and will remain in effect until the beginning of the first final exam of finals week. No lecture examinations, tests, or quizzes will be given except for laboratory practical examinations, activity examinations, final performances, make-up or repeat examinations and self-paced examinations. This policy is designed to assist students in the management of their time as they prepare for final examinations. (Note that the Fall 2011 Culmination Period extends from December 12-16.)

FINAL EXAM POLICY: According to the Catalog, "All classes...must meet for no fewer than 50 minutes during the period specified in the final examination schedule." The Final Examination schedule for the 2011 fall semester is printed in the Class Schedule. If you have questions, please verify examination times with the Registrar's Office.

GRADES: The Registrar's Office establishes deadlines for submitting grades. Grades for Fall Semester 2011 will be due in the Registrar¹s Office by 8 a.m. on Thursday, December 22.

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