Students' Musical Talents Featured in New Tornado Documentary

The musical talents of two Nebraska Wesleyan University students are featured in a new NET Television documentary, "Devil Clouds: Tornadoes Strike Nebraska."

Senior Cadie Jochum of Sutherland lends her vocal talents to the song, "The Omaha Easter Tornado," and is accompanied on the piano by junior Zach Weir. The song was written shortly after the 1913 Easter Sunday tornado outbreak that killed 168 in and around Omaha.

A NET production crew recorded the NWU music students in late January. The song is used throughout the documentary, which premieres on Friday, March 22. 

Listen to Cadie and Zach sing "The Omaha Easter Tornado."

Easter Sunday 1913 dawned as a spring-like day of celebration. It ended as a day of mourning. With little warning, seven tornados roared through eastern Nebraska, turning it into the deadliest natural disaster in Nebraska's history.

"Devil Clouds: Tornados Strike Nebraska" tells more than a storm story. Developed in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the event, which took place March 23, 1913, it's a story full of heroes and colorful characters; a story of tragedy, but also recovery and resolve; and the story of a city and state in transition, and the impact of a single devastating event on these places. 

Read more on the documentary, air times, and screenings. 

Sheet Music

The documentary was produced by NET Television so it would be best to contact them for the sheet music.

The Omaha Easter Tornado by Parkinson

How can I get a copy of this sheet music?

Easter Song

Nice Work!

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Cadie Jochum and Zach Weir record "The Omaha Easter Tornado" for a NET documentary.
A NET production crew films Cadie and Zach as they perform "The Omaha Easter Tornado."