Four Years: NWU Announces Graduation Commitment

Kyle Rohrich admits his senior year at Nebraska Wesleyan University was a little hectic.

His class attendance and work at an internship made for some long days. Add to that his volunteer work, an international research project in Spain, and his involvement in several campus organizations.

Rohrich’s four years at Nebraska Wesleyan also included studying abroad in Spain for a semester, studying for a semester in Washington, D.C. through the University’s Capitol Hill Internship Program, traveling to Turkey with the Global Service Learning student organization, and serving as a Liberal Arts Seminar student instructor. He double majored in political science and Spanish.

“I don’t just believe that it’s possible to graduate in four years at Nebraska Wesleyan,” said Rohrich, a 2012 graduate. “I believe it’s possible to do it while taking advantage of some seriously awesome opportunities.”

Starting next fall, students who enroll at Nebraska Wesleyan can take advantage of the same kind of opportunities that Rohrich did and will be ensured to graduate in four years.

The Nebraska Wesleyan Graduation Commitment ensures that students who satisfy the requirements will graduate in four years. If a student meets the requirements but does not graduate in four years, the University will pay for the cost of completing their degree.

Eighty-three percent of students who begin their education at Nebraska Wesleyan and stay at Nebraska Wesleyan graduate in four years.

“Graduation in four years should be an expectation for undergraduates at Nebraska Wesleyan University,” said President Fred Ohles. “We fulfill our mission when students graduate in a timely matter.”

The requirements allow the necessary time needed to complete coursework and take advantage of opportunities like internships, campus leadership, service learning, research and studying abroad while staying on track for a four-year graduation. A few programs are excluded from the guarantee.

The benefits are plentiful, said Ohles.

“The graduation commitment keeps students and families from spending more than they plan on a college education,” he said.

Other benefits include ensuring students that they will be prepared for life after graduation whether that is continuing on to graduate or professional school or beginning work on their careers.

Recent NWU graduate Mandi Miller estimates she saved over $7,000 by earning her degree in 3 ½ years. Miller graduated in December and landed a full-time job as a proposal development specialist for the International Association of Feminist Economics.

The English major and communication studies minor credits her academic advisor and other faculty for helping her earn her degree early.

“My advisor was so helpful in making sure I had everything I needed to get my course work done and done well,” said Miller. “The personal attention was great and really made it possible for me to learn everything I needed.”

Miller — who was actively involved in her sorority, Student Affairs Senate, and Global Service Learning — admits she will miss her friends and the campus activities planned for the spring semester.

“I had done many of the things that Nebraska Wesleyan offers and now I’m ready for a new challenge,” she said.

Rohrich is now in Kyrgyzstan where he is studying the Kyrgyz language thanks to a Boren Scholarship, which sends students abroad to study in areas of the world that are critical to U.S. interests. He was among 161 students in the nation to win the scholarship.

“I will soon begin an internship in a NGO (non-governmental organization) that does peace-building activities throughout the country,” said Rohrich. “It will directly feed into my master’s program at Georgetown University next year.”

Four Year a fantastic idea!

Lock in a price for a great product! Too many institutions are creeping professional degree requirements up to master and doctorate levels, yet the pay isn't keeping up. Students find themselves in a career they've always wanted, but with limited pay and buried in student debt. Hope other intitutions follow!

Advisors are there to help

Each student spends their time according to their needs and academic requirements. Be sure to utilize your academic advisors who are there to help you have a successful NWU experience.

Current Students

How does this work for current students who are not becoming more involved in the community and campus due to the time needed for class work?

Beginning fall of 2013

All students enrolling fall 2013 or thereafter in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are eligible.

Four Year Commitment

Does this include students that are currently enrolled at Nebraska Wesleyan University, or will this only be an option for future students?

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The graduation commitment ensures students who satisfy the requirements will graduate in 4 years.