Panhellenic Council Receives National Academic Achievement Honor

The governing body of Nebraska Wesleyan University’s Greek sororities has been nationally recognized for academic achievement.

Nebraska Wesleyan’s Panhellenic Council has received the Academic Achievement Award from the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values. The council received its award during a special ceremony on February 12.

Panhellenic Council is composed of two delegates from each NWU sorority chapter along with officers responsible for governing the sororities.

The Academic Achievement Award is presented to councils that:

  • Sponsor programs that promote outstanding individual and chapter academic achievement;
  • Recognize outstanding performance and improvement in members and chapters;
  • Assist chapter scholarship chairpersons in improving the chapter’s scholarship programs;
  • Provide relevant resources to be utilized by chapters and individual members.

Nebraska Wesleyan’s Panhellenic Council was recognized for several academic success initiatives, including:

  • Use of scholarship roundtables, which are used to discuss ways to improve academics within individual chapters and ways new members can be academically successful;
  • Utilizing the university’s new academic achievement specialist;
  • Implementing an action plan to suspend women from sorority activities who do not meet GPA requirements and work with them to return to academic good standing;
  • Requiring executive officers to meet GPA requirements;
  • Establishing faculty advisors for each Greek chapter;
  • Discouraging chapters from hosting social activities on weeknights and during Culmination Week.
  • Maintaining an all-sorority cumulative GPA of 3.45 during the spring 2010 semester.

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Caitlin Bennett, president of Panhellenic Council, and Erin Morettes, Director of Greek Life, accept the academic award.