Fall Semester Grades Now Available on WebAdvisor

Fall semester grades are now available on WebAdvisor for students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and University College. 

To view grades, log on to WebAdvisor. Once you are logged on, you will want to view “Grades by Term” under the Academic Information menu. “Grades by Term” displays term hours completed, term GPA, and academic standing. Be sure to verify cumulative hours and GPA, which can be found on “Grades/Course Listing” or “Academic Analysis”, also under the Academic Information menu.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office (Smith-Curtis 206; 402.465.2243; registrar@nebrwesleyan.edu) if you have questions. Specific questions about a grade should be addressed with the faculty member.

Students who make the academic honors list will be notified in mid-January. A news release announcing the student honor will be distributed to each student's hometown newspaper.

Students who graduate in December will also have a news release distributed to their hometown newspaper in January.

For questions about fall grades or the academic honors list, contact the Registrar's Office. For questions about news release distribution, contact Sara Olson, Director of Public Relations, at 402.465.2185.

Spring Academic Honors List

The spring Academic Honors List will be available in mid-June. News releases to students' hometown newspapers will be distributed at that time. We will also post the list on our website.

Deans list

Has the deans list for spring been released yet

Academic Honors List

The academic honors list has not yet been announced. Students will be notified on or around January 21. A news release will be distributed to students' hometown newspapers immediately following.

has the dean's list been released yet?

we are looking for the Neligh kids on the deans list

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