Students Honored With Greek Academic Excellence Scholarship

Four Nebraska Wesleyan University students who are active in Greek life have been recognized for their academic excellence.

Katelyn Delaney of Sioux Falls, S.D., Samantha Peters of Omaha, Michael Pirnie of Omaha, and Thomas Schroeder of Lincoln have each been awarded the Greek Academic Excellence Scholarship.

“I plan out my schedule ahead of time to ensure that I attend events, meetings, and activities, as well as leaving enough time to devote to my studies,” said Delaney, a member of Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. “While being so actively involved, my academic success is represented in my induction to several academic honoraries on campus. My balance of academics and Greek activities illustrates that it is possible to be involved, be Greek, and still excel academically.”

The Greek Academic Excellence Scholarship is awarded to students who go above and beyond in his/her own academic career and also work to ensure the academic success of others.

“I always put my academics first, because as we say at Theta Chi, ‘Alma Mater first, Theta Chi for Alma Mater,’” said Michael Pirnie, a member of Theta Chi. “In this way I can balance my Greek activities with my course work, because by doing well in school I am also helping my fraternity be successful. In addition, I feel I have been an example to other students academically because I am currently taking 18 credit hours while staying active in both my fraternity and on campus.”

Students considered for the scholarship must uphold the core values of acceptance, responsibility, citizenship, and humanity in addition to the values of their sorority and fraternity. The scholarship is awarded to two members of Interfraternity Council and two members of Panhellenic Council.

“I always try to be one of the best students in the classroom,” said Tom Schroeder, a member of Zeta Psi. “Despite sitting in the front of the class and actively participating, I try my best to get to know each of my teachers on a personal level. Be it a little joke, or just popping in their office to say hello on a random afternoon, I try to make the most of the close personal connections that I have available to be here at Wesleyan.”

Samantha Peters, a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, said: “My drive for scholastic excellence and my intense desire to make a difference in the world inspires others to set high goals and achieve them. I am polite, punctual, hardworking, inquisitive, and excited – the building blocks needed to attain the perfect womanhood for which members of Alpha Gamma Delta’s strive.”

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