C.O.R.E Award Honors Employees' Work on New Woody Greeno Track

It’s difficult to overstate the magnitude of the recent renovation of Woody Greeno Track at Abel Stadium. Simply put, Nebraska Wesleyan went from having one of the worst outdoor tracks in the conference to having perhaps the best one in the region.

While several NWU employees were responsible for the planning, fundraising, and construction oversight, six employees were recognized recently for their work on the new track.

On October 6, President Fred Ohles presented C.O.R.E. Awards to:

  • Ted Bulling, Director of Cross Country and Track and Field
  • Clark Chandler, Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Matt Kadavy, Assistant Vice President and Director of Physical Plant
  • Brenda McCrady, Director of Planned Giving
  • Tim Thietje, Associate Vice President for Advancement and Director of Development
  • Ira Zeff, Director of Athletics

The C.O.R.E Award program promotes Nebraska Wesleyan's core values by recognizing and rewarding staff whose efforts and contributions significantly exceed expectations in demonstrating or promoting one or more of those values: excellence, liberal arts, personal attention to students, diversity, community and stewardship.

“Ted Bulling, Clark Chandler, Matt Kadavy, Brenda McCrady, Tim Thietje, and Ira Zeff together have accomplished a marvelous result with the new Woody Greeno Track,” wrote the C.O.R.E Award nominator. “It is an excellent new facility for an excellent program made possible by excellent work in fundraising. It is a model of stewardship, a carefully managed project in all of its aspects completed within budget, a bold step forward for Nebraska Wesleyan where it was critically needed.”

The new track’s Mondo surface is identical to the one used at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

The track’s finishing touches were completed last week and a dedication is planned for next spring.

“The track is just a wonderful way to showcase an excellent program and a proud university,” said Athletic Director Ira Zeff.

***Is there a member of the NWU staff who you think deserves to be honored with a C.O.R.E Award? Submit a nomination form to the Human Resources Committee.

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The new Woody Greeno Track is considered to be one of the finest in the region.
The new Mondo surface is identical to the one used in the 2008 Summer Olympics.