Paranormal Expert Will Seek to Find Ghost of Clara Mills

Does the ghost of Clara Mills still live at Nebraska Wesleyan University?

Ghost hunter Chris Moon will visit campus on Friday, October 8 for a “Ghost Hunting 101” presentation and an interactive paranormal investigation.

Moon had his first paranormal experience at the age of seven. Daily occurrences from that time on included objects disappearing and reappearing; doors opening and closing on their own fruition, strange shadows, and nightly haunted sonnets on the family’s 100-year-old grand piano. He also discovered that he had a definite psychic/medium sense and began doing remedial paranormal investigations at a mere 12 years of age.

A musician by trade, Moon’s interest in the paranormal overtook his passion for music and he chose to become a full-time professional investigator. He partnered with his father and started Haunted Times Magazine. Moon and his staff at Haunted Times Magazine now travel throughout the country to discuss ghost hunting and conduct paranormal investigations using an E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomena), which allows participants to telephone the dead.

Moon’s “Ghost Hunting 101” seminar will begin at 8 p.m. in Olin B lecture hall. Following his presentation, Moon and his staff will guide participants through an interactive paranormal investigation through campus.

One ghost he will likely be looking for is the ghost of Clara Mills, a beloved music professor and department chair who died in 1940. Twenty-three years after her death, a NWU employee reported seeing Clara Mills’ ghost following some peculiar happenings in the C.C. White Building, the building where Clara died. That building has since been torn down but Clara Mills sightings continue in other campus buildings.

At the conclusion of the evening, 30 students will have the opportunity to spend the night in Alabaster Lounge.

Please note this event is open to NWU students, faculty and staff only. The event is free.

Did he find her?

So did he claim to locate Clara Mills, or try to have her speak through his little box? I'm just curious.


Last time I checked, Christianity had some teachings that involved the supernatural (incarnation, resurrection, life after death, ...).

Not everyone who is a student

Not everyone who is a student at NWU is a Christian or even believes in god. No one is forcing you to attend the event. Quite honestly how does this effect your everyday life, it dosen't. Therefore, find something better to do with your time and stop trying to dictate what other people are doing with theirs :)

I couldn't agree more! This

I couldn't agree more! This event isn't meant to be ruining anyone's faith or spiritual beliefs. As someone who holds their faith as the main foundation of my life, I also know that events on campus may be fun and unique (and not at all harmful to my core). This event will be a blast, and if something like this can shake your beliefs, I pray that your faith becomes stronger.

Wow, closed minded much.

Wow, closed minded much. What's the next step, forbidding admittance to Nebraska Wesleyan unless you undergo a vigorous evaluation to determine if you're Christian enough? What century are we in?

That's not very open minded

That's not very open minded of you. I thought having an open mind meant listening to and respecting the opinions of others and not just the ones you agree with.

Have a little fun!

Let's try and have some fun once in a while and not always be so serious! It's October, it's Halloween month, time to get crazy and think up a cool costume and maybe see a ghost on campus!

This is about having FUN!

Not just Clara on campus

There is a ghost in the room across from 222 in Johnson Hall. He is supposed to be a little boy 7 years old. Is he going to check that out?

History and Fun

It's for fun, the whole story of Clara Mills is part of Wesleyan's history, religion has nothing to do with it. Get over yourself.

Note on Chris Moon

This event is in no way meant to offend Christians or question Christian principles. University Ministries is sponsoring a discussion called "Paranormal Vs Faith" after Chris Moon's presentation. It is open to anyone who would like to attend, regardless if they attended Chris Moon.

Paranormal Expert?

Really? We pride ourselves on being one of the best universities in the mid-west and we show our dedication to science and logic by inviting one of the ghostbusters on campus? I really hope my tuition/fees are not going to support this...

your tuition and fees go to

your tuition and fees go to support the theatre department who show A Christmas Carol every year. --that story has ghosts in it. this is a fun event meant to entertain, let others enjoy it. You aren't by any means required to come.

The difference between

The difference between showing ghosts in "A Christmas Carol" and inviting a ghost hunter on campus is that the actors aren't claiming they have scientifically acceptable proof that the Jacob Marley is real. Theater explores the human condition and emotion through simulation; ghost hunters misuse instruments to pick up static and let people think their dead uncle is talking to them. We're a liberal arts institution, and although we embrace and celebrate the value of both art and science, we draw a clear line between them so as not to muddle our understanding of reality with superstitious drivel.

When WEB funds activities it

When WEB funds activities it is meant for entertainment purposes not for solely educational ones. This budget is from our student fees, not our tuition, and therefore does not require an educational backing. What is the benefit on a athletic event or theatre production on academic enhancement? The truth is, there is none, but they round out the individuals and provide a lighthearted atmosphere on campus. Therefore, rather than creating a stir, maybe support should be given to the programs on campus as opposed to fighting them and only stirring up trouble. Put you energy in a direction that benefits the campus.
Good day sir.

Not only is Nebraska Wesleyan

Not only is Nebraska Wesleyan affiliated with religion, but it is also affiliated with the liberal arts education, which provides and encourages an education on a wide variety of subjects.

This event is not meant to contradict christianity in any way, shape, or form. It is purely meant to entertain, and to see whether or not the rumors may or may not be true...which is something every student on this campus wonders.

Besides, in christianity... those who believe in good, must believe in some evil otherwise we would not have a religious faith for those things that are good to stray us from the bad.

Paranormal Expert On a "Christian" Campus

I am very disappointed that Nebraska Wesleyan would invite a paranormal expert on their campus. Apparently Christianity is only in the "theory" of Wesleyan and is really not upheld by the institution at all.

If that was true...

I don't think atheists like myself would even be allowed on campus, let alone accepted as a student.


So you're saying that Jim Wand would be violating this same "theory" as well? Or even the Visions and Ventures speakers?

Liberal Arts College

It is my understanding the Nebraska Wesleyan is a liberal arts institution. I don't think the institution intends any harm by this event because it is not a required event. It will only be attended by those who choose to be there. It someone finds it offensive they do not have to attend this event.

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Ghost Hunter Chris Moon will visit campus on Friday, October 8.