Information for Students

Honors Academy provides students with an opportunity to earn college credit by enrolling in selected advanced placement or differentiated classes taught by the high school teachers in their schools. There are several reasons to consider enrolling in the Honors Academy program at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

  • Not all students accurately demonstrate what they have learned by taking standardized tests.
  • Students who plan to take the AP exam have only one opportunity to demonstrate success. Honors Academy students are graded on all assignments throughout the term of the course and receive a course grade for their cumulative classroom effort, without the pressure of a one-time test. NWU will also pay for half the AP exam for students opting to enroll in Honors Academy. Completing both options may be desirable for students applying on a national level to a variety of public and/or private institutions.
  • Students who successfully score on the AP exam have the course requirement waived by the institution the student attends. However it may not reduce the number of hours that the student needs to graduate from that institution.
  • Credit earned through Honors Academy fulfills the course requirement and also applies toward the total number of credits an accepting institution requires for graduation. Honors Academy hours may also fulfill major, minor or general education requirements.
  • By earning credits toward graduation students may not need to take the heavy course loads that most first-year students face. This is helpful academically but also gives a student more time to participate in sports or other co-curricular activities on campus. Additionally, there is a significant cost saving per credit hour compared with tuition rates on campuses.
  • Honors Academy students will have free access to all facilities and activities available to traditional NWU undergraduates.