Historical Studies Professional Development

Faculty in Nebraska Wesleyan University’s Master of Arts in Historical Studies program offer invigorating professional development workshops on teaching history.

We hold intensive, two-day workshops on campus each summer. We also offer shorter, in-school sessions that are customizable to each school’s wants and needs.

Table of Contents:

Summer 2014 Workshop

Thinking and Reading Like a Historian
Nebraska Wesleyan University
June 16-17
June 23-24

This two-day interactive workshop for K-12 teachers provides strategies for teaching, assessing and engaging students to read primary documents.

Breakout sessions are held from 8 am to 4 pm each day. They allow elementary, middle and high school teachers to collaborate on classroom experiences and teaching techniques.

What’s in it for teachers?

  • Learn how to design your own Historical Thinking lesson plan.
  • Gain resources and strategies for formative and summative assessment.
  • Obtain pedagogy training and learn how to apply historical thinking.
  • Learn how to meet the new Nebraska Social Studies Standards.

What’s in it for your students next year?

  • They’ll gain skills in sourcing, contextualizing, close reading and corroboration.
  • They’ll improve their understanding and performance in history, reading and literacy.
  • They’ll increase their overall academic success.

Cost: $230

Reserve by March 1 for a $20 discount.

School districts and ESUs sending eight or more teachers receive $25 off each registration.

Register online.

Kevin Bower, Director of Historical Studies

In-School Professional Development Workshops

NWU offers a variety of professional development workshops for school and school district personnel. We adjust workshops to fit a variety of formats, including half-day and full-day professional development opportunities.

Topics include:

  • Teaching Close Reading with Historical Documents
  • Thinking Like a Historian
  • Nebraska Social Studies Standards
  • Teaching Nebraska History

To learn more or schedule a workshop, contact:

Iain Anderson, Associate Director of Historical Studies