Shifting Power on the Plains Lesson Plans

The lesson plans below were created by K-12 school teachers who participated in a Nebraska Wesleyan University summer institute in 2010 funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities through its program Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshops for School Teachers. Titled "Shifting Power on the Plains: Fort Robinson and the American West," the institute served 77 participants from 20 states in 2 identical sessions at historic Fort Robinson State Park in northwestern Nebraska. Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this website do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities or of Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Multifaceted Lesson Plans

Dan Clapero - Secondary (PDF)

Doug Drummond - Secondary (PDF)

Kelly Johnson - Elementary (PDF)

Lori Mack - Elementary (PDF)

Buffalo Soldier Lesson Plans

Denyse Hunsaker - Elementary (PDF)

Jonathan Northhouse - Elementary (PDF)

Catlin Lesson Plan

Regina Stuck - Secondary (PDF)

Crazy Horse Lesson Plans

Stacey Meier - Elementary (PDF)

Amy Wiese - Elementary (PDF)

Culture Lesson Plans

Brittany Prevail - Elementary (PDF)

Lindsay Stoltenow - Secondary (PDF)

Displacement Lesson Plans

George Finn - Secondary (PDF)

Jason Wilmot - Elementary (PDF)

Frontier Thesis Lesson Plan

Thomas Frasier - Secondary (PDF)

Fur Trade Lesson Plan

Barbara Ritzheimer - Secondary (PDF)

Games Lesson Plan

Deb Snyder- Elementary (PDF)

Lakota, Aztec, Inca, and Maya Lesson Plan

Caroline Seymour - Secondary (PDF)

Leaders Lesson Plans

Traci Nemecheck - Secondary (PDF)

Christopher Savio - Secondary (PDF)

Megan Strauch - Elementary (PDF)

Literature Lesson Plans

Chuck Nowland- Secondary (PDF)

Cyndi Tyler - Elementary (PDF)

Little Big Horn Lesson Plan

Lawrence Gasda - Secondary (PDF)

Math Lesson Plans

Mary Pickering - Secondary (PDF)

Joe Stark - Secondary (PDF)

Music Lesson Plan

Dianna Spirk (PDF)

Sitting Bull Lesson Plans

Cindy Breen - Elementary (PDF)

Stephanie Fowler - Elementary (PDF)

Soldier Lesson Plan

(see also Buffalo Soldiers)

Cindy Peterson - Elementary (PDF)

Standing Bear Lesson Plans

Julie McNeil - Elementary (PDF)

Marti Ossman - Secondary (PDF)

Sterotyping Lesson Plan

Cathron Cole O'Connor - Elementary (PDF)

Timeline Lesson Plan

Micala Oltman - Elementary (PDF)

Treaties Lesson Plans

Chris Bottoms - Secondary (PDF)

Amber Heninger - Elementary (PDF)

Westward Expansion Lesson Plans

Jen Barton - Elementary (PDF)

Cydney Bredwell - Elementary (PDF)

Jan McNally - Elementary (PDF)

Cindy Renner - Secondary (PDF)

Winter Counts Lesson Plans

Lisa Carpenter - Elementary (PDF)

Laura Deans - Elementary (PDF)

Lisa Kowynia - Secondary (PDF)

Lisa Prochaska - Elementary (PDF)

Kirk Svendsen - Secondary (PDF)

Lynne Wilbanks - Secondary (PDF)

Wounded Knee Lesson Plans

Sherri Hoye - Secondary (PDF)

Janet Kelsey - Secondary (PDF)

Steve Orton - Secondary (PDF)