Our Faculty

Participants in Shifting Power on the Plains will learn from leading scholars as well as gain firsthand experience with historic sites, documents and objects.

As our keynote speaker for the June 14-20 landmarks workshop, Joe Starita of the University of Nebraska, author of The Dull Knifes of Pine Ridge (1995) and “I Am a Man”: Chief Standing Bear’s Journey for Justice (2009), will provide an epic vision of both the tragedy and triumphs of native peoples amidst the struggle for independence and sovereignty by tracing the stories of individuals and families from past to present.

As our keynote speaker in July 7-13 landmarks workshop, Phil Deloria of the University of Michigan, author of Playing Indian (1998) and Indians in Unexpected Places (2004), similarly will provide a broad understanding of the scope and scale of change by discussing the role of environmental change in social groupings and cultural change.

Other visiting scholars also provide expert guidance through the complex story of shifting power. For further details on the scholars and other experts, see the workshop schedule below.

The project is directed by Dr. Kevin Bower, Assistant Professor of History and Director of Historical Studies at Nebraska Wesleyan University, who has significant experience working with teachers on history content projects. Bower will coordinate with co-leaders from the Lincoln Public Schools, all of whom are social studies educators at the K-12 level with at least a master’s degree, to ensure that the workshop translates directly to K-12 classrooms.