Housing and Classroom Space

The Fort Robinson National Historic Landmark district includes the entire Fort Robinson military reservation, some 29,000 acres, 60 original fort buildings and numerous reconstructions. For the June session, participants will be in the Bricks, which served as homes for high-ranking officers and their families during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. During the July session, participants will be housed in the historic 1909 bachelor officer’s quarters, an imposing brick structure known as Comanche Hall. A full service restaurant is located in the Lodge at Fort Robinson. Comanche Hall and the Bricks include fully operational kitchens for participants who wish to store and prepare their own meals. Nearby Crawford, Nebraska contains eating establishments and a grocery store.

Participants should duly note that our accommodations at Fort Robinson do not include air conditioning and do require dormitory-style housing. Participants will, of course, have their own bed, reasonable space for belongings and electrical outlets, but are asked to share sleeping quarters and bathrooms with one or more fellow participants of the same gender. The nearest comfortable hotels are roughly 30 miles from Fort Robinson, and thus, do not provide a very convenient alternative. We recommend that participants bring a fan. We have hosted workshops at this location previously and participants have greatly enjoyed the experience, but we wish potential applicants to realize that our workshop accommodations are more in line with a “summer camp mentality” than a “resort mentality.”

The average high temperature during the summer months at Fort Robinson is approximately 89 degrees with an average low temperature of 60 degrees in the evening. Applicants should note that temperatures can vary greatly; we have seen temperatures in excess of 100 degrees in both June and July as well as cooler periods that required jackets and long pants.

Classroom sessions will take place in the recently reconstructed 1887 enlisted men’s barracks, known as the Buffalo Soldier’s Barracks. Designed to house a single cavalry troop of sixty to eighty men, the building was originally one of six “L-” shaped adobe barracks built during the 1887 expansion of the fort. The barracks has been refurbished and is fully equipped with technology to support classroom presentations and will provide a comfortable setting in which to learn. It is air conditioned.