A list of suggested readings will be provided to participants prior to the workshops. All participants will be asked to read Jeffrey Ostler, The Plains Sioux and U.S. Colonialism from Lewis and Clark to Wounded Knee (Cambridge University Press, 2004) prior to arrival. We strongly suggest that participants also read at least one of the major works of the keynote speaker. Participants will work in small groups with master teachers throughout the week to discuss methods for bringing new knowledge into the classroom. Following the session, participants are asked to create lesson plans demonstrating this knowledge. With the permission of participants, lesson plans will be posted to our project website to disseminate our ideas to a broader audience.

Academic Resources

Because of its remote location, there is no internet accessibility from Fort Robinson. The local public library in Crawford, Nebraska (roughly three miles away) does have internet and wireless access. Fort Robinson does have a small library on site, which will be open to participants. We will provide a resource CD with primary documents, maps and sample lesson plans for all participants.

Graduate Credit and Continuing Education

Nebraska Wesleyan University will offer 3 hours of graduate credit for those participants who choose it. Those receiving credit will be required to turn in several lesson plans and write a paper discussing the primary themes of the course as they relate to the course experience. The tuition cost will be $615.00.