Historical Studies

Master of Arts in Historical Studies

Great history teachers not only know their stuff, but also know how to inspire students to think like historians and wrestle with complex issues. At Nebraska Wesleyan, you’ll learn how to let the messy conflicts, fierce debates and unanswered questions bring history to life in your classroom.

Whether you are teaching elementary students how a bill becomes a law or helping high school seniors track their genealogies back to the Homestead Act, a Nebraska Wesleyan Master of Arts in Historical Studies can help you invigorate your classrooms.

Our curriculum provides teachers with graduate-level content education in American history, infused with effective strategies for bringing historical scholarship and resources into the classroom.

  • Connect with diverse experts from academia, K–12 education and public history.
  • Teach students to think like historians to draw meaningful conclusions from the past.
  • Learn American history through the “raw materials” of historic places, artifacts, and documents.
  • Share ideas, resources, and techniques with other educators.
  • Gain access to library resources, visiting lecturers, and other professional development activities at NWU.

Chris SalemObjectives

Traditional master’s programs in history focus solely on content, while education programs deal only with pedagogy. Yet we know great teachers are masters of both the content they cover and their approach to instruction. The quality of Nebraska Wesleyan’s Master of Historical Studies program lies in this balance of content and pedagogy.

The Master of Arts in Historical Studies program was devised by both content specialists and education professionals to focus on translating new K–12 American History knowledge and materials directly to your classroom. Through creative partnerships with other institutions, the historical studies program provides teachers with opportunities not found elsewhere in Nebraska. Special courses include, for example, The Nebraska Institute for the Study of American History. Held in conjunction with the Nebraska State Historical Society (NSHS), this course introduces teachers to NSHS resources and facilities across the state.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in Historical Studies degree requires completing 33 total credits hours. See degree requirements and course descriptions.

Class Schedule

Earn your master’s degree in two years by taking convenient evening and summer courses in both Omaha and Lincoln. Personal attention and teacher-friendly scheduling will allow you to earn your historical studies masters degree at a pace fitting your busy schedule. Courses during the fall and spring are one night a week for the whole semester and summer courses are offered on an accelerated basis.

Tuition and Fees

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Application Process

Students must meet general eligibility requirements and specific Historical Studies program requirements.

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