Project Management Certificate Requirements

Project Management Certificate Paths

  • To obtain the NWU Project Management Certificate, a student must complete PRO 201 through PRO 206.
  • If you have at least 3 years of project management experience, you may substitute PRO 239 PMP® Prep for PRO 205 Project Management Case Study and PRO 206 Project Management Independent Study—with instructor approval.

Requirements for Taking a Standalone PRO 239 PMP® Preparation Course

If you believe that you have adequate project management experience and education and just want to take PRO 239 PMP® Preparation course to prepare for the PMP® exam, contact Melissa McCoy at 402.465.2330, for Lincoln or Brenda Ballou at 402.827.3555, for Omaha.

Requirements for Taking the CAPM® Preparation Course

For students who do not have the 3 years of experience required for PMP® certification, NWU offers the PRO 209 CAPM® Preparation course as an elective in project management that a student can take—after completing the 12 hour certificate program.

Project Management Certificate Courses

PRO 201 Introduction to Project Management 2 5-week session
PRO 202 Practice of Project Management I 2 5-week session
PRO 203 Practice of Project Management II 2 5-week session
PRO 204 Exploring Tools for Project Management 2 5-week session
PRO 205 Project Management Case Study* 3 8-week session
PRO 206 Project Management Independent Study* 1 Varies
PRO 209 CAPM® Preparation 3 8-week session
PRO 239 PMP® Preparation 4 Varies
*PRO 205 and PRO 206 can be taken concurrently

Employee Training Programs Available

NWU is pleased to work with individual companies to craft customized versions of project management classes for employee training programs. Contact Melissa McCoy at 402.465.2330 or email her at